THE SCOURGER – Dark Invitation To Armageddon
Label: Cyclone Empire
Release: March 14  2008
By: the.wangacopta
Rating: 8/10
Time: 59:55
Style: Thrash Metal
URL: The Scourger

And again Finland spits out a top 10 number! This time the band is known as THE SCOURGER who feeds Helsinki and the country around with releases at regular intervals that attack right at the top of the charts. Their Hatehead single boarded directly on number # 1, Maximum Intensity entered “only” on # 3 but this one crowded Slayer’s single actual then out. Cyclone Empire didn’t want to miss this chance and they signed a worldwide deal with THE SCOURGER in 2006 to release Dark Invitation To Armageddon after their debut Blind Date With Violence. I disbelieve that this output attacks the German charts in the Finnish way, however this is a fine piece of Thrash Metal that is placed right in your face. Embedded in a cover created by Motörhead cult designer Joe Petagno the Finnish present themselves in ten tracks after the Intro best professional and diversified in song writing without being a copy of the scene heroes Exodus, Kreator, Slayer or Testament. If at all I sense out a Thrash Metal version of Judas Priest gleams. Even if THE SCOURGER states that they serve the old school Thrash Metal fraction, this could be approved by me conditional. From the hymn-like Last Nail To The Coffin over slower neck breakers like To Tame A Life up to modern impulsive killer No Redemption or Never Bury The Hatchet Dark Invitation To Armageddon covers a wide band broad of catchy and ambitious Thrash Metal. An absolutely nice piece of work, entertaining and well produced. Two bonus tracks are given on the top, among them the live version of their number killer Hatehead. Therewith this record is over nearly one hour of Thrash and this has to be adequate dignified.