HELSTAR – The King Of Hell
Label: AFM Records
Release: September 26 2008
By: Stormlord
Rating: 9/10
Time: 50:05
Style: Power Metal
URL: Helstar

The razor-sharp voice of James Rivera and powerful guitar chords break the silence – a silence that lasted for 13 years…the masters HELSTAR manage to rise from the ashes after this long period without studio album in furious manner!

Consequently the band enthuses with the opening title track The King Of Hell, dedicated to old school but not sounding outmoded at all. Therefore no Power Metal fan can resist to bow before the ruler of darkness - with tended countenance this anthem is absorbed greedily, I get caught by eminent power and groove after a borne introduction immediately. Master Rivera acts in high pitched regions as usual, but he does not get on my nerves at all and lets crack glass and neck vertebrae. Intense and powerful like Nevermore’s Warrel Dane, he intonates nine new Power Metal gifts.
Fortunately the group does not only set its focus on merciless speed attacks and integrates some parts no head-banger can avoid to shake his head!!! After this brilliant take-off the Americans have not shot their wad at all and one killer chord chases another, one felicitous vocal arrangement alliances with thundering drum work and gets intertwined with suspenseful song structures. The virtuous solos by guitar duo Barragan/Trevino are integrated homogenously in the detailed compositions. Despite the musicians show their abilities, nobody will get the impression of pure demonstration of legerdemains – well done! Real hymns like Tormentor are embossed and not drowned in dexterities because of these tactics. Mid tempo elements also got their place and HELSTAR find a good balance between melody and overwhelming power. The guitar artists perform fine riffs continuously using the speed range from fast-as-an-arrow attacks to groovy mid tempo. Towards the end, a semi ballad entitled In My Darkness appears and can be enjoyed on last but one place. The concluding track Garden Of Temptation sets an impressing punch line because of its oriental framing and contrasting riff massacres.

HELSTAR manage to continue their egregious career in variable and ear catchy manner with The King Of Hell. Thereby they sound authentic in every second, disperse joy in playing and will not disappoint any fan, that’s for sure!