BISHOP OF HEXEN – The Nightmarish Compositions
Label: CCP Records
Release: June 23  2006
By: Stormlord
Rating: 8.5/10
Time: 49:27
Style: Black Metal
URL: Bishop Of Hexen

BISHOP OF HEXEN already exists since 1994 and unfortunately I took notice of them not until now. Why unfortunately? Yeah, I am really all ears of the melodic and acutely variable Black Metal of this Israeli group. Thereby the quite cantilevered compositions are not easy to consume. One point is true for them all: the dark, sinister atmosphere – aroused by the hissing organ of singer Lord Koder and the variable keyboard work. Mainly the ghost-like piano parts let appear phantoms before the mental eye. Besides elegiac guitar harmonies and fast as an arrow double bass attacks join in – thus an arsenal of ideas. Evermore new details can be detected and explored. The Nightmarish Compositions grows with every flow path and does not use up. Nevertheless no musical chaos reigns; every track holds a lot of changes in speed and sentiments, still they are not only strung together in a senseless way, but also compounded to a complete piece of art meticulously.
Concerning the vocal domain BISHOP OF HEXEN also grab into the bag of tricks – heroic choirs, spoken parts, screeching Black Metal voices and clear vocals are provided in the repertoire. Instrumental intermezzos loosen the CD and procure some breathers to the listener, ere the next complex musical snack waits. The use of happy appearing fairground melodies is very efficient like in the end of The Somber Grounds Of Truth. The Nightmarish Compositions should be seen as collectivity, so it is hard to pitch on particular songs – the band surely does not lay its main focus on single hits. BISHOP OF HEXEN grabs the listener by the scrub of the neck with tempers and - once plunged - the mystical, horror-like sound constructions don’t release you again.
BISHOP OF HEXEN corresponds to the bible in the lyrics, the band is in the opinion that the Unholy One appears permanently and this content fits the music perfectly. Ready for the witching hour? Just insert The Nightmarish Compositions, behead a bottle of red wine and enjoy…