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2011-10-29 DE – Dortmund - Westfalenhalle

I was sort of puzzled when reading about the current ALTER BRIDGE tour. Their last record III was already released one year ago. Well, on the other hand, Orlando-based rockers entered Europe during the summer festival season and had two tours throughout the States prior to that. So I guess there was not much time left for a prompt leg in support of their album. However, now they are back in Germany and by this chance ALTER BRIDGE stopped at Dortmund’s Westfalenhallen. And this one was - thank to the formidable special guest BLACK STONE CHERRY too - very, very crowded. Despite of road works and road closures I arrived on time and could not help but wonder about the endless line of waiting fans. It actually took me almost one hour to get in. Must have been a sold out show… Another experience new to me this way were hawkers walking along the queue with hand carts full of (even cold) beer and some booze with rapid sales, while other ones got into tussles when collecting left deposit bottles and cans. Parking fees were once again - but known from this area - exorbitant expensive.

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Hustle and bustle inside, many sales and food booths. No time, I did not care and rushed into the concert hall and the photopit. Just to welcome the next downer. As German TV channel Rockpalast was about to film the entire concert the pit was full of cams and staff and so photographers not allowed to enter. They wanted to sell live recordings right after the show… How great… Not!

At least they waited a little bit longer till all these people still outside in the line could join in. Lights out, spot on… :: BLACK STONE CHERRY :: entered the stage and started to rock out as if there is no tomorrow, playing a set across all three album releases. Singer and guitarist Chris Robertson unfortunately was kind of nailed on his place in front of the TV cams but far away from the photographers. Too bad. As for that the rest of the band happily acted extremely lively and were switching sides often enough and much posing. Yes, these guys had a lot of fun on stage and enjoyed performing while the audience was quite… lame. When songs from the band’s debut Black Stone Cherry were played the crowd got into the whole a little bit more. I anyway had a blast and loved the show although I still have some probs to get the (awesome) voice with the man behind into each other ;) Southern Rock as its best. Perfect music to sing along and definitely nothing to stand still and get cobwebbed as it seemed at the one or the other attendee. Great! :)
Setlist: Change, Shooting Star, Blind Man, In My Blood, Rain Wizard, Backwoods Gold, Peace Is Free, White Trash Millionaire, Killing Floor, Maybe Someday, Blame It On The Boom-Boom, Lonely Train

Taking a breath, then :: ALTER BRIDGE :: kicked off with Slip To The Void from III. Although they are heavier, musically, they took it a bit easier. Still the problem with the singer who was nailed on his spot for perfect camera work, damn. And, as it was to read here and there during this tour, also the Dortmund show was lacking of a good sound. Maybe it’s about time to replace the guy behind the knobs. It a bit narrowed the listening pleasure but the show was still much enjoyable. Most of all singer Myles Kennedy shone with his quiet and very charming way. He actually spans four octaves. Also the other mates were much likable. And I again have to determine that III is just one great album. Awesome show, especially the guitar duel between Myles and Mark during the encores. Two great live bands, two great shows = one great evening :)
Setlist: Slip To The Void, Find The Real, Before Tomorrow Comes, Come To Life, Brand New Start, White Knuckles, All Hope Is Gone, Metalingus, Broken Wings, I Know It Hurts, One Day Remains, Coeur D'Alene, Ties That Bind, Blackbird, Watch Over You, Open Your Eyes // Ghost Of Days Gone By, Isolation, Gitarrenduell Mark & Myles, Rise Today


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