PLANET RAIN – Promo 2010
Label: self-financed
Release: July 2 2010
By: Zwiebel
Rating: 10/10
Time: 16:47
Style: Death Metal
URL: Planet Rain

Only three songs, but what a quality. I hardly could believe my ears the first time the demo ends with the intro of Raining Blood. Marvelous what the Swedish guys celebrate on this record. Progressive Death Metal somewhere between Devin Townsend, Gojira and Dark Tranquillity, among many others. In The One They Forgot you could also sense some excursions to Vintersorg. The 4 guys from Gävle really make a good job in building up the tension in their songs, so a high musically potential can be surmised. Especially The One They Forgot is a very positive example. Slow and sad starting, a hard and fast verse and an atmospheric refrain. A brilliant solo in the end rounds up the song. In contrast to that stands the opener Catastrophism. It starts straight away and convinces with a cool melody between the verses. The guitars terrorize the mid-tempo range and the voice of singer Pär underlines it with brilliant growls. What could be hold against the Swedes is, that the songs are not easy to grab, but nevertheless, one can’t stop listen to them over and over again.
Definitely my recommendation for those who don’t want to listen to the whole 16 minutes of the demo is The One The Forgot. Anyway fans of mentioned bands can buy the record blindly. Therefore I give the full score. Tack.