Label: self-financed
Release: 2009
By: the.wangacopta
Rating: 8/10
Time: 19:08
Style: Death Metal
URL: Moridigan

Yes, I listened to lot stuff much worse than this debut record… Considering that MORIDIGAN exists since the beginning of 2009, the guys based in Niedersachsen (Germany) provide a quite impressing performance. The 6 track self-financed EP starts with the title track and confirms what is written in the press-flyer – the opener Accursed is heavy on Deicide through and through. However, Accursed isn’t reducible to that. MORIDIGAN shows who is responsible for the musical background definitely. In further playing time this release develops a certain independent existence letting Deicide and Suffocation shimmer through just reduced. Armed with a latent proclivity for technical demand MORIDIGAN lets enough space for respectable groove and blast-shreds. The interlaced melody-lines or speed-defusing don’t sound pushy; they establish that modern elements harmonize with the sledgehammer quite good. And to bridge with Arnheim (vocals) overseas (dudes, this corny joke has to be), the doubled vocals are a pleasure for every Glen Benton fan. Grab this EP and the forthcoming first longplayer.