CONVERGE – You Fail Me 

Label: Epitaph
Release: 20.09.2004
Rating: 9,5/10
Time: 38:55
Style: Prog-Noise-Hardcore
URL: Converge

The follow-up album after having released a masterpiece is probably the hardest ever and always prone to fail. CONVERGE is truly the spearhead of the real Metalcore scene and released a milestone and a classic with Jane Doe (2001), something like At The Drive In’s “Relationship Of Command” and Refused’s “A Shape Of Punk To Come”. So what to expect?

None of the usual suppositions like “faster, more chaotic and technical” or “even slower and more doom” are applicable, because all the trademarks you could find on the last record are still there (metal-influenced Hardcore, fast, aggressive and progressive). They just got polished. But actually a few more doomy and even quiet songs creep into the chaotic universe known as CONVERGE.

Much more striking is the rapid increase of Noiserock/Noisecore parts that moves CONVERGE closer to blessedly Amphetamine Reptile bands. Of course, You Fail Me is not a chunk that is as easy to take as the large quantities of commercial Metalcore releases nowadays. By no means! This album takes toll, it hurts, it is as stirring as repulsive. This album will surely separate the camps, first of all the fans of the last album and the reviewers. But already with that, the band can achieve a higher success, since there is a need to scrutinize.

As always the level of aggression can hardly be surpassed and in matter of musical innovation CONVERGE is still unparalleled. Fans of Relapse and Hydrahead releases can snap at the chance unconsidered. Black Metal fans will get a lesson! 9,5 points!