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2009-03-31 DE – Herford - X

Two great bands that made themselves scarce for a long time. And I wouldn’t have missed them for anything. Both bands have a new record out: SCREAM SILENCE released their seventh album Apathology in November and even made it to the pole position on Nocturnal Hall (album of the month); ZEROMANCER just released Sinners International and gained 8 out of 10 points.
Berlin Goth rockers didn’t tour the last two years but at least put out new records, while ZEROMANCER needed six years for a new album. Their last tour dates back to 2006 as well, with loose festival appearances in between. Anyway, both bands made it back on stage and this combination promised a great concert evening…

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But before all else we had to struggle through the rush hour, rushing, making up for lost time. Well, didn’t hit us really hard, it was the first real spring day with lotsa sun we absolutely enjoyed ;) Finally arrived I hooked up with good-humored guys for a very relaxed interview and got me a signed ltd. Edition of Aphelia for a beloved little man called Curtis ;)
Afterwards we strolled over to the clearly filled concert hall. Seems like tonight’s show was the worst attended one on this tour. Too bad, for all bands of course. But, for the ones who can’t get enough, next weekend they play the Pluswelt Festival ;)

On time Norwegian trio :: ESSENCE OF MIND :: kicked off, with an intro that was a) unbelievably loud and noisy and b) as if the band wanted to kill its entire equipment. It was the computer which caused this noise and of course totally crashed. Just hope the guys have a replacement engine. Musically EOM went down well delivering aggressive and heavy Industrial-touched Electro with two songs from the brand new EP entitled Watch Out (to be released early April) and songs from the last year’s debut Insurrection. I really liked their stuff. What stroke a little later was the fact that the cats spoke a good German. Seems like I have to quickly learn some Norwegian before I enter this country next week ;)
Setlist: Intro, Original Poser, Nightmare, Face Yourself, My Time, Watch Out, Piss Artist

After a short break :: SCREAM SILENCE :: followed, opening their show with songs from the last record Aphelia. Finally I can enjoy these songs live. As if they were only made to rock stages. Perfect! The new record Apathology was represented by only two tracks, plus a few classics. This show was really way too short! (setlist even offered more tracks… damn!) And the lights sucked too… That downright screams for a repetition, as a headliner show of course. However, SCREAM SILENCE visibly enjoyed being on the road again, had a lot of fun on stage and were joking around, while singer Hardy tried to bring up the audience on the same level. Difficult task. Maybe a venue in the Ruhr area would have brought more fans with more enthusiasm to the show? Maybe fans just have to realize that these Berlin gents are back on stage? I don’t know. It was a great show anyway, probably not the best, but after 3 years I absolutely enjoyed SCREAM SILENCE and their songs :)
Setlist: The Vitriol, Harvest, Consolation, Kerosene, Nothingness, Counterfeit, Creed, Beloved Sweet Curse, Athanasia

With :: ZEROMANCER :: about to enter the stage, people came closer and their expectations raised. Seemed like the fans woke up ;) And these approx. 150 attendees even started to rock out a little bit when Alex and his boys took the stage by storm, unleashing 9 of the 10 new songs from Sinners International upon Herford. Live these songs turned out to be way heavier, more punching and driving as on CD. And… the Seigmen-influence was more distinctive, especially at the guitar work. Wanna get more of this! Surprisingly ZEROMANCER just played one song from their last record Zzyxz (don’t think that this one is a bad record), but five from the 2001 album Eurotrash. However, they played Cupola, which is kind of an uber-song from Eurotrash, causing gooseflesh galore. All in all a great show, full of energy and a well-toned front-man making the girls mouth’ watering ;)
Setlist: Sinners International, Doppelgänger I Love You, Need You Like A Drug, I’m Yours To Lose, Chrome Bitch, Fictional, Filth Noir, Die Of A Broken Heart, Clone Your Lover, Imaginary Friends, Neo Geisha, Cupola, My Little Tragedy, It Sounds Like Love (But It Looks Like Sex), Stop The Noise, Ammonite // Fade To Black, Houses Of Cards, Photo // Dr. Online


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