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Rise To Addiction - Jack Viper - Disarm

2007-10-22 GB – London - Purple Turtle

Hehe... wouldn’t have expected to see WARRIOR SOUL performing live again this year. After having witnessed the breathtaking show at London’s Underground in March there were in fact more dates announced but they didn’t work out, except for a festival in Belgium. And now Kory came up with a four-days-attack over Great Britain, its final show was set to take place at London’s Purple Turtle. Guess what… yep, I quickly boarded a plane and jumped over ;)

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The Purple Turtle is located just around the corner of the Koko club (nearby the Mornington Crescent Tube Station), in Camden Town. At first I went wrong thinking WARRIOR SOUL needed to upgrade their location ;) But nope, the Purple Turtle is smaller than the Underworld. One almost goes like a bull at a gate… erm… stage. This was indeed high but tiny in its measures, especially when more than 3 people wanted to rampage on it, or so…

Hooking up with our former Australian writer Jim, talking and knocking back the one or the other beer I nearly missed the guys from :: DISARM :: While entering and checking out the club I just got the last 3 songs. But what was thundering down the stage was quite impressive: classic Rock’n’Roll, loud, dirty, fresh with a decent Punk attitude, teeming with energy and self-confidence. That’s the way it has to be! Gimme more!

Local heroes :: JACK VIPER :: I virtually met on MySpace right after the Warrior Soul in March, and just narrowly missed them playing live in London. Ok, got a second chance now and could enjoy them wholeheartedly ;) This quartet didn’t rock out that brute, though, they were even filthier rocking, sleaze to the bone but not a grain less energetic than Disarm. JACK VIPER sound like Motörhead on a sleazy Mötley Crue/Skid Row/L.A. Guns-garnished canapé powerfully spiced up with a bottle of JD. Latter one I actually missed on stage… tststs… instead disdainful beer got slurped. Guys, that’s so untrue :P However, beside the current single Devil May Care, another two brand new songs got played, all to find on the EP Bullets For The Faithful, soon to be released. From the older stuff Murder City Blues and the closer with the “bird”-attitude Go Fuck Yourself kicked specially ass.
Setlist: 0800FUCKYOU, Devil May Care, Walk The Line, Spider To The Fly, Murder City Blues, Go Fuck Yourself

While overlooking the approx. 100 peeps fears were raising that the show could turn out into disappointment. But luckily it happened the same strange thing as in March: after the support bands have played the venue suddenly got crowded and almost sold out ;) It became hot and beer tasted even better ;)

Shit-ass kicking youngsters :: RISE TO ADDICTION :: I already experienced earlier this year supporting Trouble on tour and leaving quite an impact on me. I actually didn’t know that they would rock tonight’s stage, as more the surprise, no? ;) This British powerhouse didn’t waste time, packed with class and talent they played their asses off. Their well-established crossover style of raw and dirty heaviness on one side and Noise/PostRock on the other and went down really well, quickly converting the audience into a sizzling mass. Seems like these gents already flattened ground for their own bright future. All six tracks (at a comparatively longer playing time) came from the current debut record A New Shade Of Black For The Soul. Although it was very, very cramped on stage and difficult to keep the hair out of each others bass/guitars the show was much more lively as on tour in June :)
Setlist: Cold Season, The Hive, Low, To A God Unknown, One Sweet Minute, Falling As One

Meanwhile :: WARRIOR SOUL :: let it run easygoing, waiting some time till they entered the stage. Fans were heating up, pushing and pressing each other leaving no room to breathe. It didn’t look much better onto stage. When the first tip of noise showed up fans started freaking out. Intro and a many-voiced thundering „We are the government“ introduced to the show, unleashing the crowd with Rocket 88. All time fave and cult classic Love Destruction even topped the scenery, ecstasizing fans who started mosh pits I found myself roped in and twisting around. Luckily without bigger injuries this time… ;) Kory joked, request for favorite songs and became serious and sad while commemorating Paul Raven, who so suddenly passed away (both shared life and stage in Mob Research). Then happened most people thought it never happens again… Kory announced a new record, soon to be recorded and set to be released in spring 2008. Yes, yes, yeeeeeessss! A new record! Geez… Enthusiasm was brimming and downright exuberant when WARRIOR SOUL started playing a brand new song :) You missed it? Pah… your fault :P No rest for the other songs either. With three encores WARRIOR SOUL classically finished with Wasteland. Honestly, I could see them performing live once a month on a regular basis ;) Then I probably get the chance to see them without taking photos, enjoying them thoroughly ;)
Setlist: Intro, Interzone, Rocket 88, Love Destruction, No No No, The Drug, Song In Your Mind, Shuck Um Down, Let’s Get Wasted, Losers, Punk And Beligerant, Bad News // Super Power Dreamland, Downtown, The Wasteland

With the last live tone fading away the party got boosted up, especially for all those who came over from Portugal, Spain or Sweden just to see WARRIOR SOUL. They wanted to party all night taking the first flight back home. Time has come and we got swept out of the Purple Turtle, demanding relocation ;) And so we ended up again at Intrepid Fox, this time without getting lost by a bike taxi. I used a real one ;)
Well, and again there are more gigs planned, with a European tour to follow. Let’s see what will work. Tonight’s show anyways was such a great experience again. Difficult to answer which show was the better one, but hey, there is no need for to do so. Location was nearly sold out and the mood phenomenal. Setlist was a bit more pleasant and there was a brand new song played… ;) Ok, the Underworld is the bigger venue with a bigger stage. What more to tell? ;)
However, keep you updated for the next shows and let’s meet for a beer ;) Oh, and there are still tour shirts available. Just to mention that… ;)


story & pics © Dajana