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2004-06-14 DE Essen - Zeche Carl

After having a fucking blast on my 5 days sail I thought I should continue with what I started the days before, incl. of keeping high the level of alcohol ;) And nothing may fit better than getting a heavy Death Metal inferno that blown me away and run my mind clear. This evening was actually supposed to turn out into kind of a festival since it was planned that the guys from SUFFOCATION tour join forces with the ones from the Deicide tour to conjointly leave scorched earth. But as it is known that the European Deicide tour got canceled for some reason turning this evening into a normal chaos. It was not the worst thing, since mammoth packages like that are not easy to take. Although, I would have seen the one and the other band playing live from Deicide tour package too…
Anyway, in best mood I headed out to Essen, having a nice small talk with the New York Death Metal merchants before the show. Stupidly most of timing I got wasted while looking for the tour manager, handling the guest list and getting the band together, so I have completely missed INSISION. Sorry guys…

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:: DEMENTOR Half of DEMENTOR show I missed as well while I still was twaddling next door. Slovak death metallers played in front of approx. 50 metal heads not taking any prisoners with their Death Metal mix of Krisiun’s and Vader’s fame. The audience got bashed with high-paced crushers focusing on current material from God Defamer album released in May. Needless to say that the guys don’t have anything to do with God… Technically spoken DEMENTOR were quite ok, showing skills but their set was generally lacking of great tunes and songs. So with that I left with an average mind blank that did not make sense.

:: DISGORGE Well, scenario looked quite different minutes later when DISGORGE conquered the stage. Audience has quadrupled and in the first rows there was something like a different mosh pit on the spot. This level of energy got me jumping up real quickly.The band’s death metal sound mixed up with some Grindcore tunes I like much more, pleased me. Funny this time I could not understand anything what was sung by the new front man Levier, singing as if there were not any lyrics at all. This would not have mattered to anybody if not I guess ;) In the meantime five bands with the same name are roaming around so I would like to point out that the band DISGORGE I have seen here is Californians finest Death/Grind export who – as far as I know - are waiting to unleash their fourth full-length entitled Parallels Of Infinite Torture. Great show!

:: SUFFOCATION Finally anybody else has found its way from the beer garden to the stage to properly honor revived American Death Metal cult SUFFOCATION. After a 6 year hiatus likewise anticipation and expectation has been high. First barrier SUFFOCATION took with their comeback album Souls To Deny which got overwhelmingly accepted and rated everywhere. Although the band was focusing on current material they played a kind of a best of setlist through all of their releases. Just Jesus Wept they did not play, although the crowd was screaming for it. Fans got pleased with an amazing high-energy eruption of finest Death Metal, convincing fans and skeptics not only that the old gentlemen are still able to thrash but also that the guys might live up to the leading role which got assigned to the band. There is to sense out that there is heart’s blood in this reunion. These guys really want to play, they want to thrash hardcore! The crowd did appreciate and was not stopping while freaking out and banging their heads off. And there is much more to come, SUFFOCATION just warmed up… Way to go! Cheers!!! \m/
Setlist: Infecting The Crypts, Surgery Of Impalement, Liege Of Inveracity, Thrones Of Blood, Effigy Of The Forgotten, Breeding The Spawn, Torn Into Enthrallment, Subconsciously Enslaved, To Weep Once More, Deceit // Pierced From Within, Suspended In Tribulation (thanks to Markus from Exposed Guts for the setlist)

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