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2015-05-22-24 DE – Gelsenkirchen - Amphitheater

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[Dajana] That's it! The ROCK HARD FESTIVAL 2015 is over. The 13th edition of the festival marks the 10th we-have-been-there-too-anniversary of the NOCTURNAL HALL crew. Yep, we missed the first 3 editions of the ROCK HARD FESTIVAL. Mea culpa! However, the NH crew is righteously knackered and lingers freshly showered on the couches and starts to sum up what this weekend was about ;) It was great again. Petrus was sympathetic and did not let the rain fall that had been announced. The billing was once again great, offering faves and new discoveries for everyone. As for me VOIVOD made it to the top! Excellently crushing show on an early afternoon, followed by FLOTSAM AND JETSAM und MOTORJESUS. And finally… tadaa… we made it to bring another NH crew member to the legendary Amphitheaters in Gelsenkirchen, Germany :) That was long overdue…
[BRT] Yeah! Finally! I was much looking forward to attend this festival and, as if the ROCK HARD FESTIVAL wanted to welcome me specially, they have one of my all-time faves on its billing: VOIVOD! Well, they play at tea-time, way too early, but ok… Besides, I'm looking forward to see PENTAGRAM, VENOM, AVATARIUM and the BLACK STAR RIDERS. Surprises included that not just me had not reckoned with…
[Psycho] Yep, was hard work to get you here ;) The weather made me happy. The billing too, of course. And there was the meeting with old friends – the big family reunion so to speak, as every year ;)
[Sui] I, for once, even took the Friday off, because to me this year's line-up is the strongest in years, also on this Friday. Chaoz-Paul I definitely didn't want to miss.

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[Dajana] Ticket prices have increased a little and there have also been also changes on the shopping mall. I missed the ATM cash point. Prices for beer and soft drinks have been stable and due to the improving weather I'm sure a lot of that cold brewski ran down dusty throats.
[Psycho] "Increased a little"? Some prizes have skyrocketed meanwhile. To sell a Bratwurst with a sticky bun for 3 Euro takes balls. Let's see how prizes will develop in the future. The supporting program anyway became more boring.
[Sui] Supporting program? What supporting program?
[Psycho] The book reading of the
Kumpels in Kutten for example. Wasn't well attended. I love to remember the metal-karaoke shows with live band and singers from the audience. It only got crowded during the German soccer league final on a… "thing" in front of that book reading stage (not on the stage). My TV at home should be way bigger. I did not miss the nonattendant Bandidos.
[Dajana] I'd say, those guys have decent other problems these days ;)

[Dajana] The festival organization flowed smoothly. No band cancellations or changes in the running order. The ROCK HARD FESTIVAL wasn't sold out, on none of the three days, but I think it was close. We witnessed one brawl that got cleared quickly by the security. We didn't hear from other breaches, injuries and other adversities so far and hope it remains.

[Dajana] The NOCTURNAL HALL crew says THANK YOU - to the Rock Hard, the organizers, the whole crew behind and of course to the CCS Security Team, who took good care of us once again. It was a pleasure to be there again and we hopefully meet next year again :)


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