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2017-10-03 DE – Oberhausen - Turbinenhalle

| Doors: 6 pm | Show: 7 pm | Tickets: 46.85 EUR plus fees |


“Attention! This is a public service announcement. Full anticipation is required. Now put your middle fingers up and repeat after me: Fuck PAPA ROACH! Louder, you motherfuckers! Fuck PAPA ROACH!”

For nearly 25 years, PAPA ROACH paint towns red. And they didn’t get any quieter, nor do the lack of energy, power and success. In May they released their eighth studio record, Crooked Teeth, and once again hit the charts. They headed for the #1 on the Billboard charts, and at least to #6 in Germany.
Of course, a new record wants to be supported live. Even more, since the last tour of the Californian boys 2 years ago was a huge success, by not only selling out most of the venues but also by winning awards afterwards. So, perfect conditions for the Crooked Teeth World Tour, which was kicked off on September 11 in Stockholm, Sweden.
As you can imagine, tickets were selling fast again for this tour and one venue after another had to turn the “sold out” sign at the door. So it happened to the :: Turbinenhalle :: Oberhausen, Germany, with more than 3000 highly anticipated fans queueing up in front and demanding entry.

But to get in took a little bit more effort, not to say it was a challenge. First, time management was quite confuse. Door- and show times of all bands varied. Lucky me I paid attention to the photo call times, otherwise I would have been too late and missed at least the first band. Second, the strict “no bag-rules” could have been communicated clearer as also the photographers had to give off their bags. Thus, plus the usual discomfort that comes along with a show at Turbinenhalle…

:: pics :: DE STAAT ::

However. A change has come prior the tour as announced Brit rockers Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes had to cancel their whole part of the tour. For them, Dutch Alternative rockers :: DE STAAT :: joined in. I have never heard of them before, which is ok. I love to discover new bands. And it never harms to broaden ones horizon musically ;) With 5 albums up their sleeve, won awards and nominated for others, this band has already achieved a lot in their 10 years spanning career.
To label the Dutch guys Alternative is a bit confusing if you have experienced once. It’s rather Crossover, or Fusion, or perhaps a mixture of all three genres. You get not what you may expect from an Alternative band ;) I found it funny, the good way. DE STAAT were highly energetic and lively, much likeable. And they made me dancing. A short but entertaining show. The larger amount of the audience, however, seemed to be a bit overstrained with the music and performance ;)
Setlist: Peptalk, Blues Is Dead, Help Yourself, Get On Screen, Input Source Select, Witch Doctor

:: pics :: CALLEJON ::

A short breather and then :: CALLEJON :: stormed the stage. Was a home run for them. Seems like the crowd woke up now, sang, danced and moshed in time with the band.
It was actually my first time I saw CALLEJON live. Metalcore isn’t really my cup of tea, but I have to confess, the guys know to let the crowd dance and to set the venue on fire.
It’s said, the new album, Fandigo, is somewhat of a paradigm shift as it is more melodic. Fans that were scared, breathe, they only played two songs from the new one. So no mellow show here. CALLEJON mainly focused on their 20122 output Blitzkreuz and delivered a hot and sweaty show.
Setlist: Blitzkreuz, Dieses Lied macht betroffen, Schwule Mädchen (Fettes Brot cover), Polar, Dunkelherz, Utopia, Kind im Nebel, Monroe, Schrei nach Liebe (Die Ärzte cover), Porn From Spain 2

:: pics :: PAPA ROACH ::

Though, it was clear right from the beginning for whom the fans were here for: :: PAPA ROACH ::! It was not even 9 pm when lights went out and a nice voice from the off gave assistance for what to do next. And then the curtain fell. PAPA ROACH kicked off with full force and started with the title track into their set. From the first second on the guys delivered a non-stop high-energy performance and left nothing but a scorched stage. The Turbinenhalle was a hot brewing and bubbling melting pot with fans freaking out. Frontman Jacoby Shaddix was like a puppet master – the crowd followed every little signal and danced, jumped, waved hands and whatever was required.
It was loud and the sound pretty good, at all three bands, surprisingly. Ok, the band might have played with much routine. They exactly knew how to please and animate their fans and served everything needed to make the audience feel great and personally addressed. They flirted with the first row people; they communicated all the times and buttered them. They did a highly professional job to make this show great. A big sold out venue wants to be entertained, right?
PAPA ROACH played 7 out of 10 tracks from their new album, Crooked Teeth, framed by a best-of- with hits from previous albums. Interestingly, people went especially mad at the Blur cover Song 2. Hmm…
Of course, PAPA ROACH paid tribute to late Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington integrating their song In The End into Forever. Jacoby Shaddix was a good friend of Bennington and was struggling himself through depressions and addictions too. So, he didn’t stop repeating to tell people to reach out for help if needed. This was indeed a touching moment…
After a powerful 70 minutes show PAPA ROACH came to an end and left the stage, just to return a little later for four encores, and of course, with the inevitable smash hit Last Resort. Yes, it was an entertaining show. And a hot and sweaty one.
started early and finished early. The band probably wanted to be considerate of their fans next working day. Asskicking show!
Setlist: Intro, Crooked Teeth, Getting Away With Murder, Between Angels And Insects, Face Everything And Rise, Geronimo, Born For Greatness, She Loves Me Not, Scars, Periscope, Gravity, Song 2, Traumatic, Forever, American Dreams, Lifeline, Help // None Of The Above, Dead Cell, Last Resort, ...To Be Loved


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