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2010-10-16 DE – Bochum - Zeche

One of my alltime faves is on tour again, stopping by near me, on my birthday, on a weekend (ok, does not really count in my case)… what a fabulous combination of coincidences ;) Such birthday downright needs to be celebrated! Sounds like a great party, right? Yeah… ;)

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Anyway, this Saturday started almost perfectly with a bday cake brought to my bed, some action till noon with my beloved nephew and family, bday guests in the afternoon with some great presents and then… it was already time to head for the Zeche Bochum with my party-ally Wiebke (Hotel666.de).
Unfortunately the planned interview did not take place, although we had so many questions that needed to be answered… *sighs*. Maybe sometime later. So we bridged time with chats, some fun and the merchandise ;)

With a super early kick off Swedish support :: BREARDFISH :: entered stage and started to rock; 70’s tinged Prog Rock as its best. With their most recent effort Destined Solitaire they for the first time did not release a concept album. But, only one song was played from this one. Two songs came from each Sleeping In Traffic 1 and 2 respectively. The audience met the band with reservation at first, but with every new song people got into the music and released BEARDFISH with a warm and welcome applause when the last tone of Green Waves was gone. Yes, I liked the bearded men ;)
Setlist: Into The Night, The Hunter, Destined Solitaire, Harmony, Without You, Green Waves

Obligatory change-over, but no time to grab us a beer, as we did not want to lose our place in front of stage ;) Finally, lights were turned off and :: PAIN OF SALVATION :: jumped onto stage with the intro of Remedy Lane in the background, kicking off with Ending Theme. Funnily, we were just listening to this album in the car ;) Anyway, great beginning; this album is much popular and everybody knows the songs. Right after the Swedes went through their entire history (only One Hour By The Concrete Lake was not considered). Atmosphere and mood were on a fabulous level in a twinkling of an eye. Singer Daniel Gildenlöw once again showed is great entertaining abilities, took neither himself nor the band too serious. Sound wiz Fredrik Hermansson was the first one teased, then the Swedish audience received its just deserts and then he put attending fans on. Hahaha… yes, it was funny, indeed. At least drummer Leo was left dry this time (as he was not during the Greece shows). But I missed his drum solo. Oh, no… erm… there was a drum solo… but not by Leo all alone, everybody was involved *laughs* Before The Perfect Element got played a line of toms were put on stage with sticks for everyone. PAIN OF SALVATION is always good for a surprise! No show is like the next one. However, the guys rock and joke and a pure blast on stage, as well as the crowd has. Linoleum is the perfect track to rock your soul off the body. After a look back into the past a trilogy of new songs from Road Salt – Ivory follows (No Way, Road Salt, Of Dust) for which the stage gets decorated with banners and a pulpit from which Daniel can “preach” now. Looks like a wobbly matter this set-up ;) Oh, btw… another question got answered. The bass player is… Per Schelander again. At least for the tour. POS are still in need of a permanent bass player, I would have a suggestion… ;) Way too fast the show was over and the band vanished. One and a half hour is nothing for a PAIN OF SALVATION show. Really. Five minutes of screaming, shouts and chants and Daniel came back to please us with an encore, Leonard Cohens Hallelujah.
Setlist: Of Two Beginnings, Ending Theme, People Passing By, Linoleum, Ashes, Diffidentia, Winning A War, No Way, Road Salt, Of Dust, Kingdom Of Loss, Falling/The Perfect Element // Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)

What more to say? Once again a grandiose show, a great evening and a likewise bodacious birthday. I so love this band! As the band promised, they took a shower and then came back to the merchandise to sign everything wanted (also my LP) and chatting with the fans. Unfortunately the Saturday disco closed in quickly with terrible music and heaps of kids getting drunk till midnight… *grrrr*. I wish there would have been a better surrounding after such show…


story & pics © Dajana