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2008-08-20 DE – Cologne - Essigfabrik

I have no idea when NEUROSIS had their last show in Germany. It might be 10 years ago, or even longer… And back in the time I have never seen them performing live for some reason. Luckily, cheap flights made it possible to enjoy NEUROSIS in London in 2004 and 206 during their European single shows. Both of course legendary shows I will never forget and that range on top in my best of list of all times. In 2008 things turned out even better, since I just had to mosey to Cologne, getting my regular 2-years-dose of NEUROSIS :)

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The venue called Essigfabrik was a novelty to me and it seem they just started to get more into live shows. However, as for Cologne it was easily to find, even if I had to pass the Severin-bridge several times for that ;) Well-crowded but not sold out this location also suffers from the Cologne-typical problem: no fresh air! *grrr* Can’t help thinking that this is THE secret recipe for increased sales quantity in drinks. Regarding the price-list they really have “hot” arguments…

Ok, merchadise was opulent and the place extremely crowded. I decided to get me items after the show, what significantly saved my wallet, since many sizes were already sold out ;) Hm…Hm… I think I rather would have loved to get the money out… hehehe.

Evening got kicked off on time with British act :: TAINT :: which are currently on tour supporting Clutch. They alternately played songs from their both records Secrets And Lies (2007) and The Ruin Of Nova Roma (2005), with a powerful sound and a proper portion of groove. Classic Posthardcore I’d say and I liked it a lot! Yep, it was a great performance! I liked it :)
Setlist: The Idealist, Poison Pen Attack!, Hex Breaker, I'm Going To Kill Henry Ford, The Idol / The Memory, Goddam This City, Mass Appeal Sadness, Drunken Marksman

:: A STORM OF LIGHT :: used the time changing the backline to present a film by Josh Graham, known as founding member of Red Sparowes and video artist for Neurosis. There was more to see on the screen during their show, amplifying the atmosphere. In fact, the videos have been the highlight of this performance. The Brooklyn-gents are too close to their idols musically, but without reaching their uniqueness and level of intensity and expressiveness. Josh Graham operating too doggedly and after some time his singing was just too much. Musically still great, no doubt, but when you get the archetype a half hour later in full perfection, why spending time on a mini-me?
Setlist: Intro, Vast And Endless, Sister, Thunderhead, Mass, Iron Heart, Be Crack

Time has come and with the hall filled up to the backside. :: NEUROSIS :: set in with Given To The Rising, the title track of their current effort, delivering once again a show of superlative, an unbelievable 90 minutes trip of goose-flesh causing intensity and atmosphere. No words were given; no need for either, their music speaks for itself, at a maximum level of feelings and emotions. Sound was brilliant and powerful and a band performing somewhat of relaxed. I have already seen a much more aggressive show in London. Though, it’s always great to experience, how NEUROSIS play themselves in a kind of trance, completely losing themselves in their own music and then reaching a level of awareness the fans have reached too, sharing passion and playing hit by hit. It’s… just unbelievable, hardly to explain, when you haven't experienced such show before, ya know. Someone described it as “bursting intensity”, I couldn’t have said it any better.
Of course, 90 minutes passed by way too fast, one hour more added would have been lovely, with more of some old gems played ;) But let's be happy having seen NEUROSIS again, around the corner this time, and having experienced just a great show again ;)
Setlist: Given To The Rising, At The End Of The Road, Distill, Locust Star, To The Wind, Left To Wander, Fear And Sickness, Water Is Not Enough, Stones From The Sky

Without a doubt another legendary show again. In my personal top 5 of the best shows ever I have now three NEUROSIS shows ;)
A tiny flaw was again the absence of light for some breathtaking shots reflecting the atmosphere everyone has experienced over there.
As for the fans pay attention: NEUROSIS will play a special event show at Roadburn Festival on April 25 2009, with 15 personally invited bands.


story & pics © Dajana