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Keep Of Kalessin - Tribulation - Embryo

2015-05-10 DE – Essen - Turock

[Dajana] It is Sunday and the Turock once again invites to join the tea dance with illustrious guests. After the Ghost Brigade show I'm used to the Sunday tea times and arrive early. Thank Buddha, there was no local support. Concert evenings with four bands are thoroughly sufficient in my opinion. The composition of this tour trek is quite notable and definitely diversified. All four bands have released new records they want to present and support.
[BRT] I absolutely can warm to a tea dance session in the afternoon. You can't organize a show on a Sunday any better. Though, it's kind of strange to attend a club show where the sun still shines when the third band has already finished its set.

[Dajana] Oh, by the way… tonight's show is the first chance to marvel at the newest Turock paraphernalia - a HUGE Motörhead head ;)

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[Dajana] Italians melodic death metallers :: EMBRYO :: were unknown to me so far and a bit out of the ordinary musically as well as visually. The guys looked like a thrash/hardcore band and played melo death with metalcore tendencies. And EMBRYO played fast. Aggressive staccato riffing meets atmospheric melodies, while the singing of Roberto alternates between growls and shouts. Not really that inventive but well-done. Sound is powerful and bass and bass-drums let the floor vibrate. At least if you stood on the wooden ground. Caused a pleasant prickle in the belly ;) The club wasn't really crowded yet but EMBRYO didn't care and played half of their self-titled new album and their asses of.
[BRT] Well… rather uninspired staccato-Thrash-with-a-touch-of-melo-death and a keyboard overkill. Technically surely excellent, and played with dedication, but misplaced on this tour. Nope, couldn't do anything with it.
Setlist: Intro, My Pounding Void, An Awkward Attempt, Manipulate My Consciousnessm, The Door To The Abyss, The Touch Of Emptiness, Embryo, No God Slave

[Dajana] :: TRIBULATION :: are surely one of the most interesting bands around right now and tonight definitely a crowd puller. Everybody is in and in front of stage in a tick. Following their progression from the debut to the sophomore the Swedes prove themselves creative and do it again with their brand new album The Children Of The Night. They really have a quite unique and idiosyncratic blend of Black Metal, Death Metal, combined with some Psych- and Prog Rock. All surrounded by a strong occult touch that makes the music feel sort of elitist, appealing and intensive. Nothing you can easily elude. TRIBULATION are truly amazing. And they rock the stage! Extremely great. Best show by far tonight.
[BRT] TRIBULATION. Band of the day. New heroes, if you like to believe in the (advanced) praise of all big print mags. Bloody great new record, outstanding live performance. WOW! Really WOW! Dense and intensive atmosphere, varied setlist. The hardly 45 minutes playing time were - of course - way too short. The guys were really up for tonight's show and quickly infected the audience. One of the best live shows this year so far. I gladly like to see them as headliner again.
Setlist: Strange Gateways Beckon, Beyond The Horror, The Vampyre, In The Dreams Of The Dead, Rånda, Ultra Silvam, Cauda Pavonis, The Motherhood Of God, When The Sky Is Black With Devils

[Dajana] Next up were :: KEEP OF KALESSIN ::. I was kinda curious but had to take a deep breath at first. I haven't seen them live for ages but loved them at the Kolossus era. That Thebon got fired and KOK went on as a three-piece I got but lost sight of them generally. Well, Obsidian Claw's voice and singing isn't any bad, but heard it better though. Sound was quite thin and the performance rather lame and disappointing. KEEP OF KALESSIN tried hard but the spark didn't want to jump over. Only Kolossus itself spread some glory.
[BRT] I have to confess, I started with prejudice. And was proved true. Even worse than expected. Melodic death metal from the drawing board, between Kreator when KOK sound gruff and Blind Guardian, when KOK sound epic. Surely a band playing with delight and technically skilled, but predictable and aiming at fans of Children Of Bodom. Many parts came from tape what didn't make it better… Ok, ok, I think, the band gained their fan-base rightly, but it's nothing for me.
Setlist: The Grand Design, Dark Divinity, Introspection, The Awakening, Judgement, Ascendant, Kolossus

[Dajana] Last but not least it's time for mighty :: MELECHESH ::. A lot has changed here too. New line-up: guitarist Moloch is back. Drummer Sirius got replaced by Sasha Horn and the bass player is new too. MELECHESH have a new album out, entitled Enki, mastermind Ashmedi needed 5 years for. But it was worth the wait. Enki is a great record. And MELECHESH are still a fucking powerful and asskicking force live on stage. The guys had to struggle through some technical issues and sound wasn't the best either but the atmosphere was great! I love the oriental touch in their music! This is special. And unique. I got the feeling that Ashmedi had a cold. He was rather breathless and his voice fucked up. They played an hour and left. No encore. And the crowd got quickly swept. Hm. MELECHESH played songs from all six records and started - of course - with Enki. Not bad. But Tribulation were better ;) I'm looking forward to see MELECHESH at Party San again ;)
[BRT] Yes, too bad that MELECHESH had to struggle through those issues. Enki is really a fantastic album and I was much looking forward to the show. The show was still a good one, with an amazing setlist. The band's brand of oriental Black/Death/Thrash metal is truly unique and proves that it can be great without playing a lot of stuff from tape. I hope, Ashmedi's voice will make it till the end of the tour, I doubt…
Setlist: The Pendulum Speaks, Tempest Temper Enlil Enraged, Ladders To Sumeria, Grand Gathas Of Baal Sin, Genies, Sorcerers And Mesopotamian Nights, Deluge Of Delusional Dreams, Multiple Truths, Triangular Tattvic Fire, Ghouls Of Nineveh, Rebirth Of The Nemesis: Enuma Elish Rewritten


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