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Obscurity - Velnias

2012-10-27 DE – Essen - Turock

An Evening Of Awesomeness – The Devilish Triumph Tour 2012!

What a package! No longer discussions about that. All bands speak volume and ensure a formidable evening. Opening show of the tour was sold out, also all other venues on this 2 weeks running jaunt throughout Europe were packed and crowded if not sold out. An awesome success for all participating bands I say. So it was to see and to happen in the thick of it at our second home Turock Perfectly scheduled, it is a Saturday evening and spirits are high. Merchandise goes like hot cakes but many fans love to show (local) colors and enter the club with HELRUNAR and OBSCURITY tees.

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And whoops it is time to get going. :: VELNIAS :: kick off the evening, a Colorado based band I already know from their Inferno Festival performance that left me much impressed. Unfortunately tonight’s show is likewise short and the crowd not willing to pay deserved attention to the band’s brand of Blackened Folk/Doom Metal. Most of the quiet and solemn instrumental passages went down in blabber. What a pity! Fans of Wolves In The Throne Room should easily take VELNIAS to heart. And I hope to see them live again soon with an extended playing time and better ambiance.

Next up is :: OBSCURITY :: who have an easy walk-over. A home match so to say ;) With the first tunes of Ketilwald crowd gets enthused from tip to toe and goes wild. OBSCURITY play a set through the last three records, of course focusing on their brand new one, their fifth and self-titled record Obscurity. And they burn stages. One to be exactly. Symbolically. Fans on stage, fans off stage, in front to, always moshing. Great view and action. Viking Metal as its best from the Bergisch Land: dynamic, entertaining and hymn-like!
Setlist: Keltilwald, Tenkterer, Keldagau, Obscurity, Weltenbrand, Strandhogg, Nach Asgard wir reiten, Bergischer Hammer

With Muenster based black metallers :: HELRUNAR :: mood turns into a completely different direction and gets much darker and more intensive. Again fans respond enthusiastically and sing along almost every song. There is a new face in the band, live guitarist Stéfan, who replaces Harkon, who had to leave HELRUNAR due to job-related issues. At the end of a great show some confusion appears as the band has still a couple of minutes left but no encore was allowed. Fans booed while the band bagged their stuff as there suddenly was a pro for an encore. Instruments out the bags, then a no-go again, instruments packed in, boos and a final go and instruments out again *laughs* Yes, HELRUNAR eventually played an encore with Glámr for a befitting good night. The crowd is thrilled :)
Setlist: Kollapsar, Unten und im Norden, Unter dem Gletscher, Nebelspinne, Ich bin die Leere, Älter als das Kreuz // Glámr

Again mood changes, gets raw, primal and… devilish ;) Now all the true black metallers push towards the stage to cheer and pay homage to :: KAMPFAR :: Tonight front man Dolk seems to be even more lively as I know him, almost manic, runs from one side of the stage to the other to bow his head in gratefulness for the frenetic welcome and enthusiasm shown during the entire show. It’s so heartwarming! Needless to say that the crowd got into a furious mosh- and headbanging tumult, while KAMPFAR played an best-of set through all of their records, from the debut MCD Kampfar up to the most recent release Mare. It all reminded me strongly of the show in 2009 (same place, supporting Vreid), almost the same songs, same phrases, same announcements when it came to the KAMPFAR classics. Just the audience was in much better mood, responding more energetic as back then.
What can I say? It was a great evening! Every band played a stunning show making us having a good time. That’s the way it has to be!
Setlist: Mare, Inferno, Troll, Død Og Trolldom, Norse, Hymne, Lyktemenn, Til Siste Mann, Huldreland // Vettekult, Volvevers, Altergang // Ravenheart, Bukkeferd


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