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2009-02-19 DE – Essen - Turock

[Dajana] Yeah, my first stint at my second home called Turock this year and I already got surprised. The Turock is now a smoker club, but only for attendees 18+. Ok, being an almost militant non smoker I agreed, dutifully filled out the form and wanted join the club. But no one wanted to see my form or even a member card… hmmm… odd.
[Seb] Who cares? Didn’t need fill out or to show anything either ;)
[Dajana] Ok, Womens Carnival Day (it’s Carnival season over here), means, time to take flight. What better can happen to you than an ultra evil package of Norwegian Black Metal bands with a dash of Black’n’Roll? Right! Nothing!
[Seb] Exactly! Since I can’t completely escape from this Carnival shit in my area I take rather Black Metal than Black Föös *lol*

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[Dajana] :: ISKALD :: had to be the opening act and kicked off on time for a half filled location. Though, this band was downright a surprise to me. Melodic Black Metal with a gooseflesh-causing atmosphere and wonderful melodies. Sophisticated song structures and great musicianship convincingly played live. Yes, great show, but way too short.
Songs came from the band’s sophomore Revelations Of Reckoning Day, except for Då Gjallarhorn Song, which was taken from the debut record Shades Of Misery.
[Seb] I have to admit I was likewise surprised. The Norwegians debut I just caught a glimpse of but I sure, after having seen them here tonight, ISKALD are ready to gain more attention by both, fans and media. Those of you who like sophisticated and well-built Black Metal songs should check out these guys.
Setlist: Intro, Ruin Of Mankind, Warriors Of The Northern Twilight, Då Gjallarhorn Song, The Orphanage, Dommedag

[Dajana] Afterwards :: KAMPFAR :: surprisingly brought up their equipment. Seems like the headlining slot rotates every night. Advantage for KAMPFAR tonight I say! Men and mice quickly slipped close to the stage, still reserved regarding feedback, though respectful and cheering. On the other hand, it wasn’t a difficult task for frontman Dolk to get a grip on the crowd. This guy is as charismatic as energetic and knows how to butter the fans up. It didn’t take a long time and the crowd was under fire.
[Seb] When he wasn’t busy in throwing back beer cups hitting the wrong one ;) Luckily that dude took it easy. What I found strange was that Dolk all the time compared the audience in Essen with the one in Paris. Didn’t they play anywhere else?
[Dajana] Well, it was just a very short journey with just one date in every of a handful of countries. Apropos journey… the set was a nice one, a retrospective through the entire history back to the very first EP Kampfar released in 1995. But for that only two songs from the current record Heimgang, which isn’t a bad one either.
[Seb] Never mind! When it come to KAMPFAR fans want to hear the old stuff! So I didn’t wonder when Dolk announced: „Enough of the new shit“, what got responded with frenetic applause. Though, KAMPFAR didn’t play what everybody seemed to expect: Norse. C’mon guys, can there still be people who think that this songs gets played anywhere in between? *lol* Anyway, instead Troll Død Og Trolldom followed to introduce the older songs of the set. Really great show, just wished it would have lasted longer than just 65 minutes *sighs*
Setlist: Irish Pub Song, Dødens Vee, Ravenheart, Gaman Av Drømmer, Troll Død Og Trolldom, Troll, Hat Og Avind, Hymne, Vettekult, Norse

[Seb] On the other hand, that meant that the headline would play even longer than 65 minutes :) And:: VREID :: was the band I was here for ;)
[Dajana] Well, when VREID entered the stage many fans already had left. And the remaining ones appeared to a bit tired and lethargic. VREID didn’t manage to pick up the energy Kampfar left off, dunno why, the brand new record Milorg is really a great one. Seems like it didn’t get around yet…
[Seb] Don’t agree. I found neither band nor crowd acted that lethargic. There were just significantly less people. It might be also due to the fact that VREID are not that typical kind of wood gnome outfit dealing with Satan and stuff. Since the first record VREID deal with themes from the World War II, on the new one dealing with the history of Norwegian resistance against German occupying force.
The set was well-balanced ranging from Windir-touched melodic songs up to crushing Black’n’Roll tracks. I at least was convinced by the show ;) Sound was great and most of all the bass of band leader Hvall came wonderfully into its own. And I was really happy to see this band again playing live at full length ;)
Setlist: Alarm, Svart, Speak Goddamnit, I Krig, Disciplined, Eldast Utan Å Gro, Raped By Light, Milorg, Under Isen, Blucher, Pitch Black

[Dajana] Yes, all in all it was a great show and evening ;) ISKALD was surprising, KAMPFAR have rocked da house and VREID wasn’t half bad. What was bad was the fact that you so quickly swept off the club. No time to talk, to meet friends and to have a beer. And outside it’s still too cold. *grrrr*
Well, I’m back, at Turock, on March 7 :)
Only really bummer was that my beloved chaos car is now fucked up, completely. I still made it back home, but the white smoke out of the exhaust told a clear language (cylinder-head gasket). And now try to buy a new car in Germany… *pffff*
[Seb] Oooooh… poor car. I was off quickly too. Wanted to escape Carnival-crazy dorks and fools hunting across the city. I’ll go on with Sarkom - Koldbrann – Shining next week, extra evil, extra sinister ;)
] Oh yeah, right, I’ll be there too. But not at the Turock…


story Dajana & Seb • pics © Dajana