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2013-03-30 DE – Essen - Turock

Hah! That’s the way how Death Metal connoisseurs love to celebrate the holy Easter days. Nope, no multicolored eggs, no chocolate bunnies but blue balls and blood babes instead ;) Well, ain’t Easter a fertility rite? *laughs* What a bloodthirsty… debauchery!

:: pics ::

Crime scene of such massacre is once again the beloved Turock and… ooohhh, this being said: *photo-nerd-rants on* The Turock has new lights! I’m blown, and first totally overstrained because of the flood of lights. ISO 3200 at 4.5 and 4/100… I am not used to it! Got dazzled. My cam too. *photo-nerd-rants off* Erm… anyway… The reason why I specially wanted to invade the club tonight was the fact that GODS WILL BE DONE would. As such public days offer a flood of amusements I did not expect that many people there. Far wrong! The Turock was packed! And I had such an awesome and funny evening :)

Long time no see. It was back in 2007 to be exactly when I saw :: GODS WILL BE DONE :: playing live, those legendary festival in the Paderbronx. Well, photos need to be freed from dust, the CDs as well. The first demo dates back to 2006, the following debut The Book Of Blood to 2009. Since then GODS WILL BE DONE made themselves rather scarce. But hey, there are changes in the air :) It was actually planned that GODS WILL BE DONE - now shrunken to a quartet - would release their brand new album as kind of a free download on Friday, but meanwhile they got into label negotiations and things are on hold. Good luck dudes, I cross all my fingers. I anyway could already listen to the new stuff, was blown away and now even keener to see them live with a wish list of the new songs in my head. And that’s the way Thrash Metal has to be: Aggressive, brute, fast, and groovy. Where certain Thrash Metal heroes don’t have balls and guts anymore for decades GODS WILL BE DONE make up and even top it. Despite of all the speed and brutality GODS WILL BE DONE always again slow down and let come groove and melodies to the fore. You know, something romantic for the ladies ;) Good thing is one will not feel nailed on the wall afterwards and is still able to party ;) Sound isn’t that great but at the end the best one of the evening. What more I can say? GODS WILL BE DONE is a force, is Thrash Metal the best it can be. This show was awesome and I love the new songs! Watch out for the new record Apex Predator coming out soon!
Setlist: High On Hate, Mark Of Cain, Atheist = Heretic, Democracy Is Dead, In Nomine Dei, I Came To Die, Apex Predator, False Prophet

Next round gets heralded with :: TOMBSTONE :: Who?... Sorry, never heard of them before. But the faces I knew, at least that one that belongs to Markus, the former Laid Of Ashes drummer. TOMBSTONE are based in the Ruhr area and came into existence in 2010, with just one demo CD out. Meanwhile the gents have extended their material and I guess you can soon expect a full-length. The level of intensity, groove and passion TOMBSTONE cannot reach. For that sound is too unbalanced, the music too reserved and clean. Listen to the demo Ignition on the band’s website, there it sounds all much better. But I was impressed by singer Maddin.
Setlist: Where You Belong, The Dark Abyss I Fear, Tombstone, A Dark Side, Nefarious Murderer, Reawake, Binary Snow Globe, Injected

Okay… Time for Germany’s next Death Metal! I have to say :: DEBAUCHERY :: only scratched my horizon of perception so far. You know, you heard of them, you anywhere listened to their music and once have seen them playing the Turock club ;) So I did anyway, back then in 2007. At this time DEBAUCHERY were still kinda… bloodless. But they always had and still have a huge and enthused fan base and such fan base fills a club, buys tees collection-wise and even enjoys minty stage blood. Didn’t taste any mint btw… And DEBAUCHERY have reasons to celebrate. There is the (already bygone) 10th anniversary of the band, 10 years of the debut album Kill Maim Burn and pre-celebrations of the upcoming new album Kings Of Carnage. And DEBAUCHERY were partying hard, with a best-of set through the entire history, with a lot of blood and butchery. Two bloody female torsos and a real blood babe arouse desires and left the world's men drooling, while the dainty womanhood were revealing, much to the pleasure of the frontman and his bass slave (well, the drummer is always out of game due to his position). Pure fun to watch hormones work ;) Sound is the worst now what also might be due to sloppily played strings. I’d call that PUI, playing under the influence ;) However, I had a blast during the show! Thank you guys for this special entertainment :)
Setlist: Intro, Back In Blood, Animal Holocaust, Warmachines At War, Cuntkiller, Germany's Next Death Metal, Kill Maim Burn, Blood God Rising, King Of Killing, Warfare, Hordes Of Chaos, Zombie Blitzkrieg, Butcher Of Bitches, Blood For The Blood God, Chainsaw Masturbation, Death Metal Warmachine


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