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2004-10-29 DE – Herford - Elfenbein

The heaviest month in matter of touring is now drawing to an end, but rearing up the last time, mobilizing everyone who can hold an instrument…
My personal wrecker’s weekend got started with legendary Swedish Goth’n’Rollers FUNHOUSE who have again a few gig dates in Germany. Since their album Never Again in ‘96 FUNHOUSE are one of my all-time favs and I finally got the chance to experience the gents live face to face. This evening’s support was provided by SPIRITUAL CRAMP, a band I met on last year’s Black Elben Festival and REPTYLE (both hailing from Bielefeld, Germany).

The scene of the crime was an odd scruffy location, with the charm of an narrow-minded and rural look, but though regularly giving home for numerous events. The PA seemed to be as old as the walls are, what led to the fact, that none of the bands had its sound check done when the doors opened. With some electricity finally running through the plugs, amps, speakers and micros starting to buzz the chaos just begun…

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:. SPIRITUAL CRAMP ~ kicked off the show around one and an half hour behind schedule and with minor sound problems, driving mastermind Stefan mad. But latest after A Stair Into Mind the trio came into a better fairway and could strike up more relaxed. Musically speaking the band focused on the latest material from To Say Goodbye album, but also did not miss out songs from the previous albums Time and Colour. Myself, it seemed SPIRITUAL CRAMP played more self-confident as they did last year. Singer Ivi seemed to have improved her voice, because she sounded more powerfully expressive. The band delivered a wonderful repertoire of melancholy-draped Electro/Wave songs that was well-acclaimed and the audience demanded for an encore.
Setlist: Relief, The Witch, A Stair Into Mind, Reality, Detail, Phoenix, Passion, Decay, Luk // Centuries

:. REPTYLE ~ being troubled by sound probs as well, obviously did not take notice any since the monitor sound seemed to be ok. Anyway, REPTYLE play Gothic Rock in the classic style and within the veins of British heroes with big gestures and poses. Fronter Zulu really knows how to conduct his act on stage and present himself in the best way (or how much to drink for it, might be the reason for some out of tune parts ;)). REPTYLE have enhanced for the better for the song writing of the brand new material that is more refined and mature than on the debut album A High And Lonely Place. Sure as I speak this, the band’s eye-catcher has to be 4-stringer Moci, who was running the risk to stumble over all these wires and scruffy stage stair with her high-heels. REPTYLE received a great feedback and had to hit the stage for an encore.
Setlist: Black Snow, One Touch, Bought Me A Lie, The Scourge, Green Land, Massacre Celebration, Suffer, Something Wrong In Eden, All Is Love, Honest Liar, In Hell, Because // Anyway Grateful

:. FUNHOUSE ~ hit the stage after midnight and proved that sex, drugs & goth’n’roll is still the source of all life an energy for the lovely Swedes. I rarely know a band that is playing their asses off with so much enthusiasm and as happy as a child. To me they seemed to be like little boys getting their favorite toys back in their hands… ;) (sorry cuties, I could not resist *lol*). FUNHOUSE had to add a session guitarist, since Peter Mårdklint is roaming the streets down under, but it seems Matthias (of Mobile Mob Freakshow fame) got already adopted entirely. That crazy cat hooked up all the band’s material in less than two weeks and already rocked the London stage. With the distinct guitar sound FUNHOUSE captivated the willing listeners with the first tones of opener Care For You ‘till the end of their set. After every fucking song the band got euphoric ovations. And FUNHOUSE definitely enjoyed the feedback, drinking beer, wine and other stuff, toasting at the fans while having a sunny smile on their faces, that actually not really fitted to the dark and melancholic music they played ;) Anyway, FUNHOUSE played just an hour which was definitely way to short, especially since the band did not play any classics. Despite frenetic “we want more” screams the fans got just one encore including three tracks (only one from Never Again). What a great show!!!
Setlist: Care For You, Forever True, Chosen One, I Feel Joy, Second Coming, Never Let Me Down Again, Tung Hit, So Cold Without You, Cry For Love, Star In My Heart // Stand Alone, Voices, White Wedding

Yes, it was really an amazing an hilarious evening, I would dump every other band for. The location was really well-attended and the audience was likewise good-humored and open-minded. Sound problems got amply ignored and all bands got their great feedback and credits. Ok, Funhouse a little more I guess… ;)
After the chaotic beginning I pushed back the planned interview and did it after the show. Turned out into a funny affair, since the level of alcohol was much higher then. When everybody hit the road it was already 3am which scared me to death. Because I had still to go one and a half hour and had to be at work on time at 5.30am. Well, I made it *lol*… on time! Did not look that fresh, but who fucking cares? Hehehe… The only thing I wanna nag about is the fact, that there was no real light on stage to take pictures. And I wanted to take tons of them, great ones, ya know… It was such an amazing show! Thank you guys, love ya all! Cheers!!!


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