2013-12-01 DE – Cologne - Live Music Hall

Despite the fact that FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM haven’t released anything new since their “reunion” in 2005 (the live compilation doesn’t count and Mourning Sun does not really count either as it is more or a less a solo album by McCoy) and can be seen live at least once a year anywhere they surprisingly still fill even the bigger venues. Yes, the British Gothic veterans did not lose their magic yet! When FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM embark on a tour, Goths get drawn like moths to the flame. So it happened on December 1. The flame was bright and the moths numerous (approx. 1000) at the Live Music Hall in Cologne.

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I was even more looking forward when the :: MERCIFUL NUNS :: were announced to support. I really liked their show at this year’s Blackfield Festival, even if the show went down mercilessly at this sunny summer afternoon back then. Well, when it comes to MERCIFUL NUNS worlds generally seem to collide, so it happened with their previous band Garden Of Delight. It’s a love or hate kind of band, still conceptual, mystic, like an intellectual version of the Sisters. A certain distinguished behavior (just to avoid the term “elitist”) doesn’t make it easier. No communication, no interaction with the crowd, just some isolated “thank you’s”. But it fits the image of the band and its music.
And finally the gloomy club atmosphere, a stage full of smoke and white lights bring out the best of MERCIFUL NUNS’ music. Buttoned up (literally, must have been like hell in the hot Live Music Hall) the trio Artaud Seth, Jón und Jawa Seth served harsh guitars and bass lines. Drums, sounds, screens and banners created that special kind of atmosphere the songs, starting with the newest from the just released EP Exosphere VI + Supernovae, going back till the debut Lib. 1, work best. At the end I have to say that the MERCIFUL NUNS are live even more fascinating than on CD. Great show!
Setlist: Exosphere, Blackbody, Supernovae, The Maelstrom, Genesis Revealed, Ancient Astronaut, Body Of Light, God Aeon, Hypogeum

While the stage gets cleared the crowd pushes close. With the intro Dead But Dreaming and Chord Of Souls :: FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM :: kick off their set. Carl McCoy wears his known outfit, and so do the other band members. Massive smoke and flickering lights create that special kind of atmosphere to support the classics FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM are so known for. Again that elitist behavior: No communication, no interaction, no reaction on fan outbursts. And it took its toll as the response from the audience was quite restrained. Well, the Gothic rockers don’t have to offer anything new. If you have seen them in the past, you get the same show. But what was really annoying was the playing time. Those, who expected an extended headliner show (compared with their festival appearances) got deeply disappointed. FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM hardly played an hour. For the two encores (one song each) they let the crowd wait a long time. At the end they made up to 90 minutes (with the breaks included) and this is - at that ticket prize - way too short!
I personally was happy to be home around midnight after a Cologne show ;) Altogether a great evening and a great show (with small cut back’s). Now I have seen FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM three times and that’s enough I think. At least as long as they don’t come up with a new album and a new show ;)
Setlist: Dead But Dreaming, Chord Of Souls, For Her Light, At The Gates Of Silent Memory, Love Under Will, Watchman, Endemoniada, New Gold Dawn, Dawnrazor, Last Exit For The Lost // Psychonaut / Moonchild