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Aggressive Fear - Dread The Moment

2009-04-07 CH – Winterthur - Salzhaus

Just a few days young the tour called What Doesn’t Kill Me boarded at the Salzhaus in Winterthur. That kind of evenings, that don’t lure the metal heads straight to the clubs. Somewhere between 100 and 200 visitors joined the shows so far to answer the question, why DEBAUCHERY as a Death Metal act blows the billing heavy on Thrash, Metal and Core up. But before this answer is disclosed: about 150 tickets were also sold in the pre-sale to this evening. As well the audience buying the tickets at the door enhanced the previous tour-resonance just during the evening. But more than 250 metal heads weren’t captivated by the Salzhaus.

Maybe also caused by the first summer-like days just a few curious people joined the place in front of the stage when :: DREAD THE MOMENT :: opened the evening. Not the easiest task for the Austrians definitely, especially additional annoying feedbacks maltreated the eardrums. And so they it was quiet hard for them to dispose of their stuff. The Salzhaus crowd, igniting from the first tunes else, reacted expectant, aboiled neck muscles just sporadic and applauded how it should be. The reason for the distance isn’t to find in the live-suitable Thrash, Metal and Hardcore mix, even though it’s bordered in songwriting. In fact the bands’ missing stage presence and the developable interaction with the audience is the crucial factor. If it was a clever move to ask the German speaking Suisse: “Do you understand me actually?” remains to be seen. But it amused me, an “uninvolved German” ;) By the way, DREAD THE MOMENT, a band at the beginning of their career, met one’s target. And hopefully the nose is becoming healed already ;)
Setlist: Intro, Drown My Sorrows, Dying Reality, Gone Away, U Know It’s True, I Won’t, My Turn, All My Hate

Acting completely different :: AGGRESSIVE FEAR :: entered stage at 20:20. Having much more power in their ass and being present on the stage the four Suisse played a solid detonating show. Deservedly this evening’s first pit was started when playing Democracy. Home field advantage or not, the (Nu)Metal/Hardcore bastard with the well placed breakdowns, its moshparts and the casual trips over the musical plate’s edge pushes powerful against the wall when played with full engagement. No question, AGGRESSIVE FEAR meant to be a surprise for me. And it would wonder about, if there won’t be a fitting label in the next time pushing these guys how they earn. Thumbs up!
Setlist: Intro, Black Flag, New World, Killer, Democracy, All That Remains, All Against One, Social Distortion

And then blood raged! After 2x 30 minutes of warming up the stage was wrapped blood-red for :: DEBAUCHERY :: . Thomas, acting at the merchandise as the head of his band the whole evening, entered stage blood-soaked. The question, if the new tracks embedded in Rockers & War bear up live, was answered with the opening track There Is Only War by return. While nearly one third of the crowd kept busy with destroying one’s disbelief, one’s interrogation mark and one’s amazement in facial features, the broad mass got in the DEBAUCHERY Metal. Acting in good humor and taking them with a pinch of salt (“the next track is just noise in fact”) the following 40 minutes were filled with a bunch of neck-breakers taken from the actual and the former releases. And the question, why DEBAUCHERY was on this billing, was answered with a big grin by Thomas with the announcement to the last Death Metal hit played this evening: “… and now it’s your last chance to get in action!”… so he said, dashed out Blood God Rising into the audience just to go back “home” to the merch stand after the last note – blood-soaked of course. This is what we call good behavior!
Setlist: There Is Only War, Continue To Kill, Back In Blood, Savage Mortician, Warfare, Blood For The Blood Good, 3 Riff Hit, Killing Ground, Blood God Rising

But the head of Debauchery wasn’t completely correct in his last announcement. The nearly 80 minute’s orgasm :: EKTOMORF :: was dare to experience in the Salzhaus bestow them a phat and steady grinning and one kick by one. Already during the Intro, the melody of Hollywoods finest “The White Shark”, it became clear why the guys and gals took their path into the Salzhaus. EKTOMORF sparked a passion in their fans right from the beginning which was projected straight back onto the stage just to force the Hungarians to give their best. An example needed? In the additional part the crowd called vehement for Set Me Free. Completely unrehearsed and with a new man behind the shooting gallery EKTOMORF played this track for their fans. Characteristic: this track was performed without any mistakes and reflects the band’s excellent form. Who Can I Trust is to mention as another highlight. Played just with an acoustic guitar the audience had to fulfill Zoltán’s desire to relieve the lyrics. Awesome! Furthermore having What Doesn’t Kill Me and enough dynamite of their former albums up their sleeve a real flood of tracks was presented this evening (22 tracks appreciated from which not everyone wanted to rest in my mind – look at the setlist). The new tracks, all duly arrived in the Suisse, join seamless the energy-eruptions of the past. And energy should be the closing header: exhausted fans and an exhausted band attest the eye level to Soulfly quite easily.
Setlist: Intro, Rat War, It’s Up To You, Instinct, What Doesn’t Kill Me…, I’m Against, Who Can I Trust, Outcast, Nothing Left, I Got It All, Gipsy, Vér, Envy, The Way I Do, Fuck You All, Show Your Fist, Set Me Free, Breed The Fire, Scream


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