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2015-07-24 DE – Muenster - Jovel Club

[Dajana] Hell yeah, DEVIN TOWNSEND pays Muenster a visit! Can't help but this is a must-be-there event! ;) Even more, since French prog metallers KLONE were surprisingly confirmed to support the DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT. I have already seen them playing live, supporting Kings-X, and was truly amazed by their music and performance. So, no excuse to miss the show (if not attending one of the thousands festivals this weekend)…
[Psycho] Exactly! This is a chance that shouldn't be missed. Though, I was wondering, how even the good old Devin would fill the Jovel Music Hall… and eventually discovered that the show took place in the nice but smaller Jovel Club. However, I was utmost curious how the show would turn out tonight as Mr. Townsend has a lot to offer musically. He's like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're gonna get…

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[Dajana] The first look around the corner of the • Jovel Club • is a disillusioning one as there were only a handful of people to people to see after the doors had opened. Ok, it's a Friday and festival season. Tonight's show is a "classic" fill-in show of primarily US/Canada bands to bridge the days between the festival weekends. I did not expect a sold out venue but at least a well-filled one. Well, with some patience we should reach that goal… ;)
[Psycho] I think the number of attendees is quite ok. It's music rather for specialists. Not to mention the surplus of other shows and festivals right now…

[Dajana] On time :: KLONE :: kick off the evening on a very dark stage. And no! Those three red spots are not considered as lights. Period! However, the French guys start with the opening track of their new album Here Comes The Sun but mostly dwell on the last both records. Too bad, because the new record is a strong one! KLONE 2015 in fact don't sound that metal-like anymore, they pretty much turned their sound into dark progressive Rock a la Anathema, Katatonia and Porcupine Tree with a certain Tool touch. Not the worst progression if you ask me, and definitely worth to play more songs from it. Never mind! KLONE don't have any problems to convince and enthuse the audience. Great show! :) But what happened to the sax player and keyboarder Matthieu Metzger?
[Psycho] I have never heard of this band before. A quick i-net search revealed an Opeth-like kind of progressive Metal. Seems, this description isn't up to date anymore. Fortunately. Wouldn't have suited the headliner either. Instead we get something like a best-of of modern Post Metal. Nothing that would have caused storms of enthusiasm at me but KLONE play a professional and entertaining show. And I guess if you know the band's material it's easier to enjoy...
Setlist: Immersion, The Dreamer's Hideaway, Give Up The Rest, Immaculate Desire, Rocket Smoke, Nebulous, Army Of Me (Björk cover)

[Dajana] Though, it is no secret that the crowd is here for the one and only DEVIN TOWNSEND. Now the club is filled the way I expected and the first fans with Ziltoid caps appear. That notorious sock puppet is - of course - omnipresent (on a huge screen behind) and up to no good. The extraterrestrial becomes more insistent and heralds the :: DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT :: to get the party started with the Sky Blue opener Rejoice. Thundering, epic and cinematic sound and a frontman in best mood. Devin is (again) very talkative, praises city, people and location, jokes with the fans and is enjoying a bath in the crowd during the March Of The Poozers. He also tells us about all the new song ideas that are spinning in his head. As read anywhere else, it seems that a new album is already done and recorded. Though, I hope he is done with the Ziltoid phase now and finally tries something new musically. Let's wait and see ;) Fans of course reacted as frenetic as always, especially since also older chapters of Devin's musical solo career get considered. There are many happy faces to see around when classics get played. With the Infinity-smasher Christeen as only encore and a playing time of around 90 minutes the show ends way too early for my taste. I definitely wouldn't have nagged about a show doubled in time. Well, you can hardly get enough of DEVIN TOWNSEND, right? ;)
[Psycho] I can't disagree here. I wouldn't have minded if the show would have lasted two hours and more. DEVIN TOWNSEND has much more of high class song material to offer, even if you leave the SYL-stuff aside. Although the club was far away from being sold out, DEVIN TOWNSEND gives every single fan the feeling that he only plays for him or her. That I call to be close to the fans! Additionally we get a lot to laugh about his announcements and jokes. The band plays tight and with delight and the song selection was straighter and thus more live- compatible as I was thinking of. A perfect evening! So, and that can also happen in Muenster ;)
Setlist: Rejoice, Night, Namaste, Deadhead (DTB), Supercrush!, March Of The Poozers, A New Reign, More!, Ziltoid Goes Home, Bastard, Grace, Kingdom // Christeen


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