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2010-11-18 DE – Duisburg - Pulp

Well then. After having finished an utmost successful and sold out tour as support of the unspeakable German Schlager bards Unheilig earlier this year, the upcoming headliner tour of DIARY OF DREAMS had to prove if it pays off to run with the pack. Seems so. Of course the tour was planned to support the release of DIARY OF DREAMS newest record Ego-X, which meanwhile was pushed back to March 2011. But to make fans happy, singer Adrian Hates promised to present new tracks on this tour ;) To give a first taste the band digitally released a first brand new track entitled Echo In Me the day the tour kicked off. Hmm, sorry, but this song just sounds like a blend of the trademarks the band is known for the last couple of years. There is absolutely nothing new in it. I just hope that this track is not representative for the entire new album. Seems we are facing a thrilling evening… ;)

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For the stop in the Ruhr area DIARY OF DREAMS came back to the event château Pulp, where I saw them 7 years ago during the Accession Records tour. This castle, which was once a very old train station, is for sure a great place to be. I most of all would like to recommend the cuisine ;)
The doors were still locked seeing a sizeable gaggle of fans impatiently chomping at the bit. And finally entrance was permitted with people running in front of stage to secure the best places. Ok, we are ready! ;)

:: DAVOS :: is a band I was not aware of till now. Hailing from Vienna this duo (erm… ain’t it actually a trio?) was as insecure as kind of ungainly and looked lost on this high and huge stage. Musically they could not convince either. DAVOS play that kind of Electro umpteen times heard and with references to the same amount of bands and songs. Some tracks had a weird and abrupt end and once they totally failed. Questioning looks and polite applause that’s all the audience had for them.
Setlist: What I Prefer, Illuminate, These Days, For Heaven's Sake, My New Pearl, Decline, Lass es sein

With a packed audience in the back it’s easy to say that :: DIARY OF DREAMS :: made it. Tonight and, so I heard, at the other shows as well. The Pulp was not sold out but much crowded and the merchandise got sold like hotcakes. It became cuddly and warm in front of stage, while we gathered all our friends and had a good time. The finally lights went out and the prologue to Nekrolog 43 introduced the band. Looked differently on stage *lol* Leandra is out, Mr. Synr is in on keys (*hurgs* what pseudo nick). Drummer Beam had to sit out the tour due to job-related issues, so another new face behind the skins; and bass player Flex now plays guitar, means, at some tracks we got 3 axe-men shredding on stage ;) Ok. Live performed new song Echo In Me did not convince me either, same goes for the ballad Immerdar, which is nice but so typical for DIARY OF DREAMS. But the other new tracks Splinter and Undividable truly rocked da house! Yeah, finally! Nothing to nag about the rest of the set too ;) Most songs just kicked ass and left the fans freaking out. But the icing on the cake was the first encore, completely acoustically performed, bestowing four tracks in a completely new sound robe upon us. Um… almost acoustic… Gaun:A still played his E-guitar and the acoustic one of Adrian Hates did not work at all in the beginning ;) I guess Traumtänzer was the biggest highlight here, with the full venue sing along, a many-voiced refrain causing gooseflesh all over the body. Just wow! But that was not the end, fans chanted and screamed for more and a second encore followed. Guess what, fans were left beside themselves with joy. Totally. Shrieks and yelling of female fans I could not stand without ear protection but for sure animated the band to play their souls off. What an evening, what a show. 2 hrs and then over and out. But… as for me… they just could have started again ;) Will we ever get enough of DIARY OF DREAMS?
Setlist: Nekrolog 43, The Wedding, Echo In Me, Odyssey Asylum, Hypo)crypticK(al, Splinter, King Of Nowhere, Choir Hotel, Immerdar, The Darkest Of All Hours, UnWanted, Undividable, 21 Grams Of Nothing, The Chain, The Plague, Chemicals, Kindrom // O'Brother Sleep, The Curse, Giftraum, Traumtänzer // MenschFeind, Soul Stripper, She And Her Darkness

Yes, it was a wonderful evening, with friends, lots of laughter and great music. There was also a nice lightshow, but its effect immediately got killed by the high stage. On the way out I also raid the merch and went home with a smiling face ;) DIARY OF DREAMS? Of course! Always! ;)


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