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2013-02-15 DE – Bochum - Matrix

"COPPELIUS is special, a phenomenon that appeared from nowhere and makes happy. Maids, drinker, organizers, agencies and labels… they all waited for such constellation for years. COPPELIUS unites 5 courteous gentlemen from the 19th century. Their frocks suit perfectly, the top-hats shine and the shoes are polished…"

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COPPELIUS is truly a phenomenon. Their blend of Chamber Music with Metal, Jazz and Rock is unique, always leaves the decent dressed ladies swaying their heaps. The chosen style offers much room for creative ideas and developments, influences are manifold. And COPPELIUS allow themselves the luxury to draw on plentiful resources. It is just too bad that I have not seem them playing live more often, as there shows are something special too, always an exceptional experience. But finally I caught them :) Ok, let’s yoke the horses (or Dani drive ;)) and ride the road towards the Matrix

It was not clear if there would be a support act. At least I did not find any notice. But I got disabused as soon as we arrived. The evening got opened by :: CELLOLITIS ::, a Berlin-based duo that is Niko (Nikolaus Herdieckerhoff) and Umbra. A man and his cello. It’s an unlikely couple. He - the young man, she - the old lady, around 100 years old yet with perfect body dimensions and still breathtakingly beautiful. Musically this couple harmonizes in an unequaled way. He loves her. Gentle touches make his queen sing and sound, sometimes melancholically draped, sometimes rocking out loud and lively. Tonight’s songs are a journey through all three CELLOLITIS records, with a loop shifted and layered and thus intensified. I’m left blown away. CELLOLITIS makes me dream and smile. An inexpertly wonderful performance. If you are a musical free thinker and into classic let me recommend CELLOLITIS warmly.
Setlist: Follow U (For My Dad), Fool Including Irish Froh, No Comment, Pachelbel’s Canon in D, The End Of 2017, Himmelblau, A Picture

A short break, a swiftly activities and then butler Bastille introduces :: COPPELIUS :: frenetically welcomed by the ladies and gentlemen in the audience. What a pleasure. Long, long ago… and, despite of their ripe old age the gentlemen on stage look still fresh, act agile, are astonished and cause surprise. The play and make noise, they hustle and joust, just to vie for the favor of the audience. Artful made announcement by the butler Bastille go up in smoke, so it does his following sarcasm. If the partly critical lyrics reach the listener, I don’t know, but visual entertainment does for sure. The painted air balloons elicit ah’s and oh’s as well as playful squeaks when Comte Caspar made them burst. Of course, butler Bastille was a busy man on stage to satisfy his lords. He was bustling to serve drinks, receive attire, sing and play instruments, to clean and take photos. No easy life if you ask me ;) But one thing remains true: COPPELIUS makes happy. Always again. I am. Musically they invited on a trip through their history focusing on their just released brand new and fourth record Extrablatt, they played the first six songs from. Yes, it was a fantastic show and a memorable evening. They once again made it ;) COPPELIUS helps! Thank you :)
Setlist: Ouvertüre, Bitten Danken Petitieren, I Get Used To It, Diener 5er Herren, Welt im Wahn, Locked Out, Maria (Subway To Sally Cover), Die Glocke, Escapade I, Operation, Spieldose, Butterblume, Urinstinkt, Dreaming, Risiko, Habgier, 1916, Reichtum, Phantom Of The Opera (Iron Maiden Cover) // Running Free (Iron Maiden Cover), To My Creator // Ade mein Lieb!


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