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2013-10-06 DE – Osnabrueck - Rosenhof

Yep, this is right up my alley! ;) After a formidable support slot for Long Distance calling in spring AUDREY HORNE now finally do a headliner tour in support of their latest record Youngblood. You can never get enough of those Norwegian cats, can’t you? ;) So I… I can’t get enough of AUDREY HORNE! But at first it looked as if I would be left alone with my fan-love. Rumors said that the ticket sale was extremely poor but the show was not cancelled so I think organizers counted on the ticket-sale at door. When I arrived at the Rosenhof in Osnabrueck, Germany, my heart misgave me. Okay, it is Sunday, everybody has to work next day and it was a long weekend (public day prior the weekend) with many shows and festivals going on around. No wonder… it just always bites the wrong bands… *sighs*.

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Nevermind! Let’s kick off this evening with Dutch heavy rockers :: GOLD :: A band I never heard of before, what makes them a surprisingly positive surprise. GOLD gets fronted by Milena Eva, who attracted attention with blowing hair, cold distance, wide open eyes and lascivious movements. But she had a great voice. Musically I’d like to label them as hippie-like Stoner-tinged retro Rock. GOLD is kind of different, off-key, but the most likeable way ;) At the end I missed a certain portion of drive and power and they were a bit too predictable, not bad at all. Songs came from the band’s debut Interbellum.
Setlist: Antebellum, North, Love, The Magician, One Of Us, Dreams, Ruby, The Hunt

Before it was up to :: KARMA TO BURN :: to enter the stage the location luckily filled well and the first ones pushed towards the stage and loosened hair ties to rock out and head bang a little later ;) I never have seen KARMA TO BURN playing live before, not even on a festival, and so was downright blown away by their punch and heaviness. There was a special place in front of stage where the wooden ground transferred bass vibes and vibrations best, running through the whole body. Awesome! Mighty sound, mighty instrumental Stoner Rock! Regarding line-up things have obviously changed. KARMA TO BURN performed as a trio, still consisting of Will Mecum on guitars, of course. New face in the band was bassist Irish Rob of The Exploited, who seemed to have the blast of his life on stage and Evan Devine on drums. Um… Did I already mention that this was an amazing show?
Setlist: 19, 8, 34, 5, 53, 47, 54, 28, 30, 20

What can I still say about :: AUDREY HORNE :: I did not couch yet in all those live reports and album reviews? They came, saw and conquered! What K2B started with AUDREY HORNE boiled up to max. The crowd was freaking out, the band too, posing and rocking the hell out, at the end more among the crowd than on stage. Singer Toschi is the perfect entertainer getting even the last dude up and rocking. But also bassist Espen developed to a great entertainer on stage occasionally stealing the show from Toschi. It goes without saying that Icedale and Thomas were dueling and posing as hell. We got what we expected: pure energy, power, Rock’n’Roll to the bones, fun and sweat galore. Nothing left to be desired. AUDREY HORNE is a band of pure awesomeness!
Setlist: Intro - The Muppet Show, Redemption Blues, Bridges & Anchors, Youngblood, Show And Tell, Cards With The Devil, Pretty Little Sunshine, Ther Goes A Lady, The King Is Dead, This Ends Here, Firehose, Threshold, Blaze Of Ashes, Straight Into Your Grave


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