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2009-10-18 AT – Graz - Seifenfabrik

Since that day, we did not know about the Seifenfabrik as location and it turned out to be ambivalently: the bar as well as the hall itself offered enough space, but the sound left something to desire. The location’s flair could be described as not eminently charming…but the most important thing is the music for sure – and the program was performed by three more or less known bands from Finland. Concerning the groups, I also saw (much) light and (a few) deficits.


AMORAL what should we do without ventilation?
Fortunately the show kicked off at time with ventilation on maximum and AMORAL rocked the house, or should I better say that they tried to do so? As we know, the band changed its style from the basics and this mixture attached a not downright convincing impression to the concert. Some technical Thrash tunes with aggressive vocals were performed in impelling manner. In contrast, the Power Metal tracks with high-pitched voice seemed to lack of intensity and power. Consequently, the fans were not animated that much, the only hair in rotation was the one of the band ;) Nevertheless the guys posed like in hell, they had a lot of fun despite the low public’s resonance. The music made a real cumbersome impression and I do not know if the band knows exactly what style to play. I did not find the thread and the music did not convince me, I like the compositions of the Decrowning era, but the overall impression is semi-optimal.

BEFORE THE DAWN melancholic atmosphere with Rock-appeal
After the A-MORALic opening round, we enjoyed a contrasting program concerning sentiments. The guys round Mr. Saukkonen showed up in more extrovert manner and acted in more calm style like their predecessors, but the spark reached and lightened the audience. The one or other goose pimps were conjured over the body by the emotional songs, especially the ones with many clear vocals. Interim, the harsh growls and unleashed guitar chords contributed a heavy portion of Rock attitude. All tunes oscillate between driving intensity and melodic breathers, so that the listener is abducted to a rollercoaster ride of feelings. Besides first-class music, the stage offered an eye-catcher apart from the opulent microphone holder, namely the continuous grinning drummer. In addition to his good humour, he performed some complicated rhythms – well done! The two singers performed in same felicitous and harmonious style and the ultimate track Deadsong marked a dignified punch line of a very good show.

AMORPHIS a felicitous section of old and new ear candies
Nothing can go wrong with powerful albums like Tales From The Thousand Lakes, Eclipse or the latest effort Skyforger, right? Unfortunately, the average sound was not a direct hit this evening – the drums sounded all too loud and overpowered the voice as well as the wonderful guitar harmonies. The show itself seemed to be a little bit too professional and sometimes the band integrated slight technical mistakes. All these deficits could not have a negative effect on hits like Black Winter Day or The Smoke. I personally like the old evergreens and I appreciated The Castawy as well as the medley of the Tales era. The aggressive tune Majestic Beast grabbed me by the throat, the balled From The Heaven Of My Heart dispersed a heart-warming touch and the ancient tune Sign From The North Side cared for a surprise. I think that Sky Is Mine, Silent Waters, Black Winter Day and House Of Sleep got the loudest reactions, whereby the listeners supported singer Tomi during the last named song. AMORPHIS chose the wonderful My Kantele as concluding composition, which is made for a last point because of the unloading instrumental part at the end. In all, I have to say that AMORPHIS are dignified composers, but their show lacked of a little bit of esprit to care for an unforgettable evening. The concert was nice, but not outstanding.


story © Stormlord • pics © Julia