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2009-02-11 CH – Winterthur - Salzhaus

And again the Salzhaus opened its gates for hard-metallic tunes, representative for the Suisse. About 350 Metal- and Metalcoreheads won’t missed out on this promising billing. At least it was to ascertain, how controversial Versus was received, if ALL THAT REMAINS shames all that ever was and is in the Metalcore scene and how Techno-beats join this package. So, let’s go:

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The Munichs :: DEADLOCK :: had to meet the challenge to heat the Suisse audience up in that way the ligaments and muscles are pit-prepared and ready to survive the next two rounds. 25 minutes left for this experience! A task called risky when opening with a Techno Intro. The incipiently critical vistas were shown their limits in the twinkling of an eye by the female and male strong-voiced Front-team named Sabine and Joe. A guitarist in good humor visibly enjoyed stages’ planks in the Salzhaus – Sebastians fun when playing music substitutional stood for DEADLOCK’s gig. The first pit in this evening went along with Awakened By Sirens was no coincidence, the steady interspersed Techno affectations couldn’t changed this. Unfortunately the temporary bassman’s name escapes me, but he fits as good in the general view, maybe he will be a fixed part when recording Manifesto’s follower. 25 minutes were too short!
Setlist: Intro, Martyr To Science, Code Of Honor, The Brave / Agony Applause, Awakened By Sirens, End Begins

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For it :: THE HAUNTED :: was free to file at my view of the Thrash – Metal – Core – Melodic world within the next 60 minutes. And they filed! Just take a look at the setlist: Thumbs up for a journey in time beginning with the actual longplayer Versus back to their first release The Haunted. Well done, the Swedish stick by their stuff! And with this stage-presence the Salzhaus crowd was bagged at a rate of knots. The first 20 minutes were played any word, just straight forward! Breathing space between the vocals was used to train eyes’ muscles. It’s a wonder that no one of Peter Dolving’s eyes hadn’t cleaved its way over the stage with lids opened the fullest extent. And when there was something to say, then it were anecdotes amusing the people (always the truth, hm? ;)) Yes, I didn’t accepted everything THE HAUNTED created musically in the past, by increasing gig-time and a steady rising sympathy factor, the Swede’s sparked my interest. Versus, Revolver and Co. have to join more intense. THE HAUNTED left stage, and with them a few Metalheads.
Setlist: Little Cage, The Drowning, Trespass, Intro Premonition, The Flood, The Medication, Moronic Colossus, Intro Boots, D.O.A., All Against All, In Vein, Trenches, Dark Intentions, Bury Your Dead, Fault Line, 99, Hate Song

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During the break to carry out modifications the audience performed a rejuvenating cure. The Metalcore kids pushed their bones into their corpses just before the setlists were pinned onto the monitor speakers. When these, sticks and other give-aways were thrown into kids’s hands after the gig, I wouldn’t bother the bunch of humans in their intimate after-show-meeting when writhing over the ground more or less affectionately ;) So, no responsibility is taken for the correctness of this setlist. The first diffident :: ALL THAT REMAINS :: fan-choir enticed the Americans on the stage after half an hour, and diffident were replaced by bodily Metalcore-discharges. This enthusiasm went through the whole gig, according to each one’s physical fitness. The mix consisting of muscles, igniting melodies, straight forward tempo, shouts and clean vocals are still the perfect device for adolescent emotional releases. ALL THAT REMAINS proved true the hype done in their domestic realms. The riffs fits, the melodies are catchy; the presence is given on stage. ALL THAT REMAINS are well-established in the Metalcore saddle but the Innovative award goes out to THE HAUNTED this evening – the real headliner this evening in view to their coolness, sympathy and handling the audience.
Setlist: Air That I Breathe, Undone, Catalyst, Not Alone, Weak Willed, Chiron, It Dwells, Before The Damned, Indictment, Six, Overcome, Salvation, We Stand, Two Weeks, This Calling


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