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Mir Zur Feier

2012-02-04 DE – Bielefeld - The Forum

A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH is the brainchild of Sal Abruscato, known as former Type O Negative and now Life Of Agony drummer. The drumming in A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH he though yielded over to Johnny Kelly, as you might remember, drummer in late Type O, who found now a new home. Sal instead took over the front position as singer and guitarist. In fact all band members know each other for felt ages, play in various bands and projects together, the notorious Brooklyn gang, if you ever have heard of them ;) However, it does not wonder that A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH ranges a little bit between these above mentioned “big names” musically, with a hint of Grunge. Now they have released their debut record entitled And Hell Will Follow Me and entered the next ship to conquer Europe in its support.

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Touring singly it meant to get a local opener at the Forum club in Bielefeld. And this one heard on the lovely name :: MIR ZUR FEIER :: German lyric fans will prick up ears as this is a Rilke poem. In fact these local hopefuls describe themselves as “Pussypopthrashcoremetaldeathpunk“, and as one of the “up-and-coming stars of the prolific Bielefeld scene that set Rilke poems to music”. WTF? Yes, I was horrified. Truly. Rilke as Metalcore. Geeez… that’s impossible. Well… it is not. It wasn’t any good but it is possible. An half hour belated (how much I hate that) MIR ZUR FEIER kick off the show in front of a half-filled hall, at best. A few seem to be close to the band and cheer; other ones pull face and turn towards the bar or the smoking lounge. I got the feeling to see a school’s band. They play with passion and much enthusiasm but likewise uncoordinated… just schools-like. Singer Mara speeds like a whirlwind over the stage, cute, but she lacks of breathe for her singing parts to up and down the scale or even to just hold a tone. Her shouts again ruin all poetry Rilke poems own. Yes, all beginnings are difficult and no one is a born master. But as for MIR ZUR FEIER I have to say, there are still many practice lessons needed.

In contrast :: A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH :: already appear as luminaries when it comes to professionalism and routine. In an twinkling of an eye change over is done and the guys get in with To Die In Your Arms. You have hardly much light at Forum club, now even less then the support band. Kelly behind his skins remains in complete darkness. But the sound is great and fans got invited to rock out a little more. It got more crowded now and fans give a heartfelt welcome. Sal takes an old Type O joke the wrong way and responds bitchy at first. There are fans literally lying to the band’s feet (after some gallons of beer), others nonchalantly interrupt the show for birthday wishes Sal has to give to two bday-kids. Well, some things go differently at this club ;)
A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH play the entire And Hell Will Follow Me. They don’t have more songs but most recently confirmed to already have material for a full sophomore. Between the tracks Sal is entertaining the audience and he did a great job by trying first learnt German words (x-rated) and gurgling is sore throat off with beer. The band is in best mood and delighted about the fantastic response. And so is the crowd. Yes, that was a really nice and witty evening with great music. Wanna have more of it!
Setlist: Intro, To Die In Your Arms, Devil In The Closet, When Crows Descend Upon You, Heroine Train, Meet The Wolf, As Black As My Heart, Pill Head, Cracks In The Walls, Serial Killer, Die Alone, Bath In My Blood


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