KRYPTERIA – Evolution Principle EP
Label: EMI
Release: August 4  2006
By: Dajana
Rating: 6/10
Time: 21:07
Style: Symphonic PopRock
URL: Krypteria

Once set off as a (fantasy/rock) musical a band accrues from and before they knew what the market gives away they already caused some furor within the commercial mass spectrum. Then the awakening happens and the past gets stripped off like a cramped skin. At the end KRYPTERIA arises as a band and the just released EP Evolution Principle with 3 new and 2 re-mastered songs marks the beginning of a new era.
The symphonic musical character gets mostly kept, epic choirs and bombastic sound collages define the musical picture. Guitar work is riff-driven and pounding but always nicely commercial, for the masses and as slippery as an eel. Song structures and compositions bring certain multi-sellers from Holland and Finland in mind, without reaching their level in the metal sector.
In the center petite Ji-In shines and contributes singing and piano melodies. Both she delivers sophisticated and on a high level. But as for me I miss a bit more “color”, volume or more (expressive) power. Fortunately, she doesn’t bother us with etherealy high-pitched singing either.
If KRYPTERIA consciously wants to get a proper slice of the Nightwish/Within Temptation pop/rock cake, congratulation, Evolution Principle surely serves and delivers all expectations and should pay off.
I personally think that Evolution Principle is too smooth and faceless. But it’s just the beginning of KRYPTERIA and I guess, future will tell where their hearts really beat.